an update…

Man, what a couple of weeks. Easter break went faster than I thought it would, and honestly, it was a bit more hectic than I planned it to be! (But in a good way!) 

I spent time playing tennis, watching movies, hiking, reading cheesy books. Unfortunately I struggle to sleep in, but the early bird gets the worm right? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about my last post, weighing up pros and cons and listening to peoples ideas and opinions. Looking back now I’ve found the root of the problem, and that problem is me not doing anything about my supposed other problems. So while I’m a bit stuck with all the travel aspect, I’ve managed to find a night class which is only a term and fits with my work hours! 


I’m a bit nervous for it, but hopefully I learn some new things!

Next post I promise some more fashion related content! I haven’t been feeling that fashionable as of late!

Lots of Love,

T x

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