RIP my favourite jeans…

Ugh! My favourite jeans just bloody ripped! Literally about 30 minutes ago my blue Paige mom jeans ripped. God damnit I am so annoyed. I didn’t have to wear a belt with them to keep them up, and they sat at the perfect length right above my ankle! Plus this is the second pair I’ve lost to rips/wear in the past month!!!

(But did you like my title choice? Get it!? Rip?!)

Finding a good pair of jeans is so hard. It sounds like a first world problem (and it is), but honestly there is nothing better than a good pair of jeans. I always struggle trying to find jeans that fit my leg length and my waist (I’m 5’9″), so often when I find a pair that fits my waist its too short on my legs or vice versa.

So this post is officially my new jeans wish list!

Now I’ve always loved Paige because of the fit and they’re very flattering on your butt. However, this last pair ripped in under two years so I’m not sure about buying another pair of Paige’s just yet. I also love J Brand though because of fit + stretch factor. I have their Maria jeans in Black and I love them. While these are great jean brands, they are expensive. But I think jeans are one of the things you should invest in! 

So this is a brand new pair of jeans by J Brand called the Jules jean. I’m looking for a straight cut light wash pair of jeans and these look perfect!

Jules jeans jbrand

*I do not own this picture! It belongs to J Brand and was taken from their website. Link is below*

I love the cropped length. The link to them is here. They’re quite similar to my last pair however I think they will have some more stretch (meaning less rip potential). 

One thing I will say is that you should always TRY ON YOUR JEANS before you buy. If you are unsure of your sizing it is best to go into a physical store and try them on. If you know your sizing perfectly then order online, but I wear a different size across every brand. J Brand I wear a 25, Paige a 26, and then I wear a 29 in Neuw! Talk about confusing! Also different jean styles have different stretch, even in the same brand!

I’m also really liking the look of a brand called Agolde which was re-launched 2014. They seem to be everywhere right now and they have a pair of jeans called the Remy Hi Rise Straight. I love them in the colour Signal (pic below)!

agolde remy jeans

*picture belongs to Agolde taken from their website. Link to jeans below*

Here is the link to the jeans.  They look quite similar to the J Brand ones above, however I’ve never tried on Agolde before (I’m not sure I’ve seen them in Australia actually). Both jeans are around $250 Australian I believe. But J Brand has a 15% when you sign up, and Agolde is sold on both net-a-porter and revolve (as well as heaps of other places), both of which have 15-20% off right now! (I actually just bought a pair of new sneakers of net-a-porter which should be coming soon!)

Anyways, I’ve made my wish list. Now I need to go try find somewhere which stocks these jeans! I also need to try find some money to pay for them considering I’ve just bought flights, nights in hotels, and other miscellaneous holiday things. 

But I mean, jeans are essential in life, and on holiday… right?

Lots of Love, 



P.S. feature image is of me back when I was modelling! I thought the whole black and white staring out at the ocean fit the whole ‘RIP jeans’ vibe.

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