At the end of last year I was lucky enough to be invited to a Bottega Veneta event. I’ve never bought anything from the brand, but to cut a long story short I think it was because of my job at the time (honestly, I still have no clue). Anyways, it was a celebration venetian elegance with craftswomen from Italy flown in to demonstrate how they make their bags. I even got to help make a leather luggage tag! They had their perfumes there as well, which I have to say, smell divine. While Bottega bags have never really caught my eye, the craftsmanship behind these creations are amazing. I really enjoyed seeing these amazing Italian women weave these leather pieces into a bag. I also met some lovely people at the event and spent quality time with a good friend of mine. Anyway, onto the outfit right?

I was literally fresh of the plane from Bali when I went to this soiree, so I look nice and tan for a change. The dress is by a brand called Lulu Yasmine, which I actually found at a store in Bali. Its a beautiful soft black with lace detailing along the back. It also has several cut outs which are sexy but also soft and romantic. I paired it with these sparkly navy blue peep toe Jimmy Choo’s which have an ankle strap. They’re actually my 21st shoes! And then lastly I had my trusty Dior bag!


Above is a sneaky pic of me enjoying my champagne while sniffing each and every perfume. I’m wearing a Maje leather jacket which is one of the few things I would grab if my house went up in flames. You can also catch a close up of those Choo’s in the mirror!

I really enjoyed this event, but I felt a bit guilty because I had 3 different events on that night and had to miss one! I also felt super bad for leaving the first one early. But of course, everything had to fall on the same night. C’est la vie!

Lots of Love,


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