an ode to london…

With my first trip for this year coming up, I thought I’d reflect on some of my other previous experiences. I’ve always been very comfortable in Europe, perhaps because I’ve lived there before, but also because I love the energy it has. I also love things like the architecture, the art, the music, and the culture just in general (uhm and the food, duh).


I thought perhaps I’d focus on London in this post. Throughout my life I have almost always had a family member living in London so I love going there because I get the best of both worlds. I also just adore all the theatre in London! The museums are amazing and the shopping is top notch. Plus I’ve gotten lost there so often that I know where most things are now!

Whenever I’m in London I walk everywhere. I try to split my trip so I stay in two ends of town. I generally try to stay in Covent Gardens (or close), so I am near all the theatres. The second half of my stay I move closer to Knightsbridge and Hyde Park area so I’m closer to the museums and Harrods.

You’ve probably noticed I’ve mentioned Harrods a couple of times in my blog posts. I bloody love Harrods. It has the most amazing food, clothing, hats, bags, jewellery, you name it, they have it. As you know, I appreciate beautiful things, particularly the work that it takes and the intricate detailing. So wandering around this store for hours on end is such a treat for me. They also have a champagne bar and a spa, so sometimes I’ll treat myself to a facial and a glass of champagne after a long day perusing.

Trying in things in a store like Harrods can be quite daunting. Trying on dresses which cost more than my car gives me slight anxiety (can you imagine if you ripped it!?). I did try on almost every shoe in Christian Louboutin though. While in London I went to a spontaneous spur of the moment ball with on of my friends and travel buddy. So while I had a dress, I bought myself a pair of shoes. I often do this on most of my big holidays as a reminder of these moments. I bought a pair of red velvet platform Louboutin’s. I often wear them around Christmas because they remind me of holly.

Anyways, that was a little insight into a piece of my trip to London and one of my memories which I look upon fondly. I’d love to hear your experience of London! Anyone also in awe of Harrods?

Lots of Love,



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