the past two weeks…

What a busy few weeks it has been. Not just for me but also the fashion world. We lost Karl Lagerfeld, fashion month is in full swing, not to mention other major fashion moments like the Oscars.

Me? Well I’ve been in the middle of performances as of late (I’m an actor and singer, and sometimes a dancer, too!) Safe to say working full days and then going to a performance till 10:30pm has wiped me out, thus the week late post. 

I honestly don’t know what to talk about first! Maybe I will start with Karl. Wow, what a genius he was. Modern, classic, elegant, youthful designs which were timeless and lust-inducing. Both Fendi and Chanel were extremely lucky to have him. And what about his personal style?! Amazing. I think most notable about Karl was his personality. I’ve watched many interviews with him (and some documentaries) and he was so intelligent and witty. He will be sorely missed in the fashion world.

Now onto fashion month! While it’s still going, there are a couple of collections that have stood out to me already. I’ve loved Etro with it’s beautiful baroque detailing, and Versace which combined my love of black leather with lace and gold. Blumarine has this beautiful sequin jumpsuit with roses on it that I’m lusting over. I don’t normally do pink but the jumpsuit shape is a bit masculine and balances the overall femininity of the jumpsuit. I’m fairly obsessed with the ruby red shoes at Prada (much like everyone else). I also loved almost all the black outfits at Roberto Cavalli. Max Mara also featured lots of black (black clothing is obviously the key to my heart.) Oh and I loved Marc Jacobs… OH and Tom Ford! The list just goes on and on!

Lastly, the Oscars. Best dressed for me definitely goes to Gemma Chan in that beautiful hot pink Valentino gown. Apparently she had cookies and rice crackers in her dress pockets for snacks! I also loved Lucy Boynton in Rodarte. Best dressed boys goes to Nicholas Hoult and Joe Alwyn hands down! Joe’s tuxedo was a bit old school and I loved it! Also, I don’t know if its the suit, but that boy has some of the longest legs I’ve ever seen! Nicholas rocked that Dior suit. While unusual it has a beautiful classic edge to it. It combines both modern and vintage styles (thank you Mr. Kim Jones at Dior!)

In regards to me, the most exciting thing I’ve worn lately is my pj’s, probably due to the connotations attached to pjs. So, my featured image this week is a picture of Stockholm’s skyline. Something relaxing and serene and completely unrelated. Although… I’ve always liked Sweden because they pronounce my name correctly. Anyways, thats all for this two week recap. 

Hope you’ve all been well, and would love to hear your thoughts about Karl, fashion Week, or the Oscars!

Lots of Love,


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