australia 2.0…

Bali seems like a mini Australia. This Indonesian island is an huge Australian tourist destination. The weather is beautiful, the drinks are cheap, and the food is delicious. More importantly, I think the island has a beautiful energy and lovely people.

Surprisingly for an Australian (a half-Australian technically), I hadn’t been to Bali before. It wasn’t really on my radar growing up in Europe. I went with my best friend after we both finished our degrees at the end of last year. I was there for a week, and while lots of my time was spent by the pool drinking cocktails (yum) and eating Nasi Goreng, I also had the wonderful opportunity to explore the island.

On that point, I need to rant for a second. I met lots of Australians at our hotel and most of them hadn’t bothered to explore the rest of the island?!?! Why!? I understand that people go on holiday’s to relax but I’ve never seen the point in travelling to some new place not to see most of it!

Okay now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… It’s a beautiful island. So luscious and green. I loved all the little towns specialising in different crafts, I saw the volcano, the rice fields, alas no monkey forest though because my best friend doesn’t do monkeys (plus apparently they’re vicious!).

Bali has beautiful food as well. My bffl and I love all types of food. We had everything from ice cream, to nasi goreng, to breakfasts salads, to jerked lamb shoulder. YUM! I haven’t eaten that well on a holiday in a long time. Also, the coffee there is pretty good as well. We went to a coffee plantation and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, however we are biased (we’re both coffee addicts).

I feel like I could go on forever about what I ate, and saw, and drank (still can’t get over those 9am morning margarita’s), but alas, I want to keep my blog posts short and sweet!

Any of you been to Bali? I want to go back and explore some more so I’d love some recommendations!

Lots of Love,



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