dealing with the heat…

It’s been fairly hot in Melbourne for the past couple weeks. As in 37 degrees and sunny (my poor nose is burnt). Dressing for hot weather is always a struggle because you want to look good but also stay cool! I’ve got some gorgeous silk cami’s and skirts but as soon as I start sweating you can most definitely see it (and it’s impossible not to sweat in 37 degree heat)!

Mostly what I go for is a simple cotton material or trusty denim shorts and tee. In this case I was going out for dinner and we were sitting outside (so many regrets… no amount of ice cold cocktails can cool you down). 

The dress is from a brand called Morning Mist and was actually a gift from one of my friends for my birthday (I’m a December baby)! It fits perfectly, but unfortunately it’s super short so I’m not allowed to bend down when I wear it. It also calls for some little kitten heels. These are by a brand called Genkek. I’m not sure if the brand still exists actually. The website is gone however they still have their Facebook running… anyways I thought they were very Miu Miu. They’ve got a cute little blue and silver kitten heel with silver straps. I’ve popped a picture in banner if you want a closer look. 

I also went for a bright coloured lip. I don’t normally wear lipstick but I’m currently trying to wear brighter colours more often! The colour is called Sao Paulo by NYX (I lived in Sao Paulo as well so I love the colour even more).


I went for a simple necklace from Sportsgirl, which is being blocked by my hand (good one Tove). But you can also see the little pattern on the dress as well as the capped sleeves, not to mention my still very purple hair.

There are a couple of links to Morning Mist clothes like this website here. But if you’re interested in the dress just have a google and there are heaps of websites! Unfortunately, the Genkek one doesn’t exist anymore, but kitten heels are very in right now so finding an alternative should be easy! 

And also, I should probably mention, this outfit is very inexpensive! The dress was most likely around $60 and the shoes cost me $40. Plus the lipstick and necklace we’re probably looking at $130 maximum! (And I got the lipstick, necklace, and dress all from Christmas and Birthday gifts!). 

Hope you’re all surviving the heat!

Lots of love,



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