Underwear as outerwear?

I often see outfits which I want to emulate but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Whether you don’t have the right wardrobe pieces, or you’re simply not comfortable, fashion should be adapted to suit you and your personal style!

I’ve always loved the look of underwear as outwear. Its particularly popular now with brands such as Dior creating see through embellished dresses featuring their own underwear, and has also been featured by brands such as Alexander McQueen (one of my favourites!), Dolce & Gabbana, and Giambattista Valli. This trend became quite popular in the Spring 2017 season and it seems to be sticking around! 

Obviously, most of us can’t afford these brands (and some of us don’t like trends like these at all!) But for those of us who do want to re-create this look its not as hard as it seems!

*credits to respective owners*

These pictures above (of some of my favourite bloggers!) are classic examples of how most people interpret this look, but personally, I’m not always comfortable wearing a bra as a shirt! Not to mention it’s not always appropriate. However, there is an art to pulling this off. See how they’re all wearing high waisted skirts/pants and a shirt over it? It’s all about balance! (But I should tell you I’m also a firm believer in wearing whatever the hell you want).

For those of us who don’t want to jump into the deep end straight away, I have two alternatives. Number 1: is wearing a sheer shirt over a nice bra. You don’t even need to have a see through shirt, a white tee can look great over a lace bra/bralette! Some people also choose to wear a bralette over a tee (but to be honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of that look).

My second option, and perhaps an easier option, is wearing a button up shirt (which most of us will have) slightly undone to reveal a peak of something. 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Okay, so thats a lot undone but you get the picture! Paired with some jeans and it’s the perfect way to incorporate this underwear as outwear look. Simple and easy to achieve! 

I’m wearing a pair of mom style jeans by the brand Paige and the shirt is from Marks & Spencers (one of my favourite shops ever and unfortunately not in Australia). Lastly the bra I’m wearing is actually a corset that I got on sale from Victoria’s Secret. It has the most beautiful embroidery covering the sheer panels! This way we can all show off those pretty pieces which are often kept hidden!

Let me know what you guys think of these alternatives!

Lots of love,


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